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— Barbara Redmond, Yellowstone
Bonnisan is the medication I am ready to pray for. This product naturally saved me from getting crazy. I wish I knew about it some two months before, it would have saved my nervous system from getting wrecked. When my baby boy was about 1 month old he started suffering from intestinal colics. At first it was not too bothering us, but gradually the strength of the colic increased and soon we started having sleepless nights with the baby screaming non-stop. That was pure horror! I thought I would get into the hospital with a nervous breakdown as I could no longer go on without sleep, but I had to with the baby on my hands. We tried several meds our baby doctor advised but they didn't help and only when he switched to Bonissan we saw the effect. This medication finally stopped the colic and the baby fell asleep and slept till 7 in the morning. That was a blessing! The best night over the last three months! And since we started on Bonissan the colics were forgotten! I am so happy and so grateful! And I recommend it to other moms who are close to losing their minds - Bonissan helps!
— Henrietta Mitchel, Lincoln
When you get a little baby you get to know many curious things. For example you learn that poor babies suffer from gas in their intestine like no one else does. They have terrible colic and it keeps them awake all night long, just like their mothers. Luckily the colic is not that aggressive in the day time and the babies can sleep but the moms don't as they have too many problems to solve. When we started suffering from colic (our baby, my husband and me) we tried many different meds aimed to stop the gas formation in the baby's intestine. But the effect was eight not long-lasting or there was no effect at all. And then a friend of mine who is a young mother too told me about Bonissan - the Himalaya Herbal drops that provide the babies with the relief that their mothers need so much. As a HH product Bonissan is based on natural ingredients mainly - herbal oils and essences. This makes Bonissan absolutely safe for the baby and I like it much better than different chemical powders and solutions. We gave the drops to the baby immediately after feeding and there were no intestinal colic. I would give Bonissan the highest mark.
— Mary Stewart, Colorado
I gave Bonissan to my three-month-old daughter for about three weeks to help her survive the period when infants have gastrointestinal colic. The pain she suffered from was not the only problem actually. When in pain she couldn't eat properly and would bring up all she ate. And as a result her weight wouldn't increase the way it should in infants. I was looking for a solution when I came across an article about Bonissan. it described the medication as a great solution to cool down colics and an appetizer that helps infants gain their weight properly. I ordered the medication online and found it very convenient (I've never done like that before). When Bonissan drops were delivered I carefully studies the instruction and the description - the medication is based on natural ingredients and is absolutely safe for kids and babies. Indeed, the medication solved our problem quickly and easily. My little princess stopped feeling that horrible pain from colic, all the milk she would eat was properly digested, she stopped bringing everything up and consequently the weight started to grow! We are absolutely healthy and happy now and we have normal weight for a half-year-old girl. Bonissan is great! We recommend it to other babies.

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