Chyavanaprasha Testimonials

— Vicky Ch., Las Vegas
I've used the Chyavanaprasha several times over the years to treat respiratory disorders that are very frequent when pollen starts flying everywhere, and when it's chilly outside. I'm rather prone to such things and I have always been looking for a solution to eliminate the symptoms without having to take some strong medications. Chyavanaprasha is ideal in this case, being a herbal supplement and still producing the effect I need. Unlike other chemical medications Chyavanaprasha causes no side effects. It is a very effective drug, indeed.
— Brenda Tonelli, Boston
Sometimes I give Chyavanaprasha to my 4-year-old daughter for upper respiratory symptoms. I think this is a perfect medication for kids as it is based on herbal extracts, it is not so strong as chemical meds and causes absolutely no side effects. My daughter has a running nose from time to time and Chyavanaprasha is very effective in treatment of the disorder. Within the day we usually notice a difference. It's great that we have herbal medications like this one.
— Gordon Allard, Phoenix
My wife and I have found this to be the most effective herbal medication for digestion improvement. We are both over 65 and sometimes have problems with our stomachs. Our daughter once ordered Chyavanaprasha from the internet for us to try and since that time we always use it in case of need. Chyavanaprasha gives us relief without affecting other systems or causing side effects. It is an excellent medication for sensitive elderly organisms.
— Josephine W., Chicago
Chyavanaprasha helps bring my digestive processes in order without chemical meds! I'm a bit crazy about fitness as people say and I really feel like I need something to promote my internal mechanisms from time to time. Dairy products are ok, but I need something for a change because too much of yoghurt may lead to diarrhea. Chyavanaprasha is ideal as it not only supports my digestions but also improves my immune system and general wellbeing. It is absolutely convenient to order the supplement from this site and have the order delivered in a day or two! Cheap and effective! My younger sister started using the medication as well after she read the annotation - it said that Chyavanaprasha helps in fight with skin and body aging))) I do not question the effectiveness of the drug in rejuvenating, but my sister is 12. I don't forbid her to use Chyavanaprasha - it is definitely effective in normalizing digestive functions! So I just let her dream about eternal youth)

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